Hand Hygiene For Health A Low Cost Opportunity For Corporate Social Responsibilty
The Social Imperative
Handwashing is probably the most cost effective public health improvement opportunity. The challenge is many schools and communities have no access to water. The SPATAP Hygiene Hand-wash system provides access to water where piped water and a tap do not exist. SPATAP is intuitive, user friendly and can be installed by a child in 10 Seconds.

The Corporate Opportunity
Broad reaching brand visibility and publicity
Demonstrable social responsibility results both in Hygiene and the Environment (reuse and upcycling of plastic bottles)
A low cost and highly scalable investment
Leverage Rotary (or other service organizations) to maximize reach with limited corporate resources
Corporate Social Responsiilty

Hand Hygiene For Health connects corporate sponsors and private sponsors who want to make a difference with children and communities in areas throughout the world that live in hygiene poverty.
Purchasing a SPATAP portable tap and sending that tap to another country, makes a dramatic and positive difference to the life of a child in need of running water for handwashing.
Our aim is to involve every sponsor on an ongoing basis. Continuing to give the gift of a tap to others will help Hand Hygiene Fo Health, one community at a time.
This is how to  Support The Hygiene Project

SIGN UP FOR Hand Hygiene For Health STARTER PACK
The pack provides information for businesses and sponsors regarding purchasing,  and sending taps to a community in need. To sign up simply complete the contact form below and one of our team will be in contact with you

Purchase The Taps
Whether it is funded by the corporates practising CSR, private indivduals, NGO’s or charities, every SPATAP purchased makes a positive difference to another child and their family. Each SpaTap Portable Tap costs from as little as USD$15 each. Bigger Volume Orders reduce this price considerably.

A Tap For Life
Hand Hygiene For Health will arrange the SPATAP and send them to a community overseas. Depending on the final destination for the SPATAPS we will, within 6-8 weeks, have arrived at their destination. Purcasers to pay for freight.

See The Impact!
Our distribution partners will take lots of pictures of the taps when they have arrived so you will get to see the impact that they have had and see the amazing difference you’ve made!!